Learning from Zhineng Qigong Master Zhen in Germany in August | September

Since years I am fortunate and blessed to be able to learn from Zhineng Qigong Masters to improve many areas in my life. I have not only improved my health and well-being, but also live a more happy, vibrant and full-filled life style. Relationships are flourishing and nourishing, professional projects abundant, successful and fun.

The transformational journey of the last years and the many success stories I am able to enjoy since I have started the Zhineng Qigong journey is a result of what Master Zhen calls “the Psychology of Inner Perceptions”.

Master Zhen has dedicated a whole book on the theorectical aspects, insights, tools, methods and practices how you can increase your awareness for your mind activities, emotions and habits while transforming from deep inside into a state of contentment, inner peace and joy. When you master the skills of inner perceptions, you start to relax and trust your innate abilities and your full potential. Using the power of your heart and mind to manifest your life’s intentions becomes the norm.

From Aug 24 to September 2, you have the possibility to study and practice with Master Zhen Qingchuan to not only enhance your ability to send and receive information for a state of holistic health & well-being but also reach a higher state of all the life qualities mentioned above.

You will find, that this is a wonderful opportunity to learn from a highly advanced Zhineng Qigong Master and Healer to deepen your practice and understanding of this powerful self health-care and awareness system!

This Zhineng Qigong Retreat is open to all Qigong enthusiasts – beginners and advanced students alike – as well as to people who work as Trainers, Coaches, Natural Practitioners, Doctors, Teachers or Therapists. You will find that the principles and methods Master Zhen is sharing is not only of value for your self but also for your clients, if you work in the coaching, training, health and well-being industry.

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Our youngest participant was very excited about her first experiences with Zhineng Qigong, which is also called Wisdom Qigong.

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It has become feasible because of your good connections, your commitment and a clear intention. It was a unique experience for me. The program was just perfect. We gained great insights into the cultu…

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I learned a lot about Qigong practice, principles and the importance of the mind. I also received great help from the teachers with the circulation problems in my legs. Master Jianshe and his team wer…

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