Keep your eye on the ball


In Chinese philosophy and Qigong teachings, the gaze of our eyes is associated with our consciousness. The Chinese word for eyesight already indicates this:  Eyes means “Mu” and sight “Guang”, which stands for the light of the eyes.

From the Qigong perspective our eyes are the gateways to our heart and our consciousness. Our life energy follows our eyes.

“Where your eyes focus on, your heart follows and Qi as your life force will follow your heart!”

as it is written in an old and famous book about traditional Qigong practices.

In Chinese medicine, our eyes are the meeting point of two extraordinary yin and yang vessels: yin-qiao-mai and yang-qiao-mai. They regulate the Qi in our immune system. These vessels are also important for our sleep quality, the circulation of our essential physical life force as well as dissolving fears and anxiety. The eyes are the gateway to the liver and are in direct connection with our soul.

Therefore it seems like a good idea to train our eyes regularly and keep them healthy. There is a very easy Qigong method that helps us to focus our eye sight and at the same time direct our consciousness inwardly to adjust our mind. With this wonderful method called “Looking into the distance and adjusting your mind afterwards” you can refresh, relax, regenerate and increase vitality and concentration in a very short time:

Concentrate your consciousness and your eyesight on an external object, e.g. a point in the distant horizon, a branch on the other side of a lake, on the sun during the morning sunrise, on a candlelight or any other point at eye level in front of you. This point in the horizon should be at least 1.5 to 2 meters or even further away from you. Keep your eyes focused on this point and try not to blink your eyes while doing so. Keep your eyeballs, eye muscles, and eyelids relaxed. With your eyes open, try to maintain this focus for a few minutes without blinking. You will find that your everyday thoughts disappear and you relax from within. After a few minutes, direct your consciousness and your eyesight inwardly to the center of your head in order to experience a state of relaxation, inner peace, balance, clarity and being one with your whole body and nature. You can use your inner eye’s vision to shine into your own body and sending the best holistic health and well-being information to yourself. Open up all Qi pathways and channels inside of you. Enjoy this state for a while, and then gently open your eyes.

In our busy day to day life we often lose the full potential capacity of our consciousness because we only use some aspects of our mind. By practicing this method we can regain full power of our consciousness and consciously use all of the potential functions and abilities of our mind.

Another recommendation: If you often sit in front of your computer, then try to blink consciously and regularly during your screen time. Blinking produces tear fluid, which is spread over the eyeball and thereby cleanses the eyes. One reason for burning and dry eyes can also be a lack of fluid in the body and thus could be a sign that you are not drinking enough water.

So…let’s cheers to the water.