Business Qigong

Learn to apply simple and practice-oriented exercises and integrate them into your day-to-day life. Within a short time you create greater joy and serenity and much more effectively achieve your goals and implement your vision.

As “work-life integration” becomes the norm, the boundary between professional and personal life becomes more fluid. under these conditions it will be increasingly important to learn and maintain, regardless of place and time, wellbeing through relaxation, creativity, focus and inner peace.

Business Qigong is designed to help you create peace and strength effectively with this Eastern relaxation, regeneration and movement theory. Whether you are on a business trip or have a full day of meetings, the gentle exercises are quick to learn and easy to integrate into your schedule. They can be trained everywhere, are fun, and the first results are visible and felt in a very short time.

Business Qigong gives you the opportunity to improve your professional life as well as help you achieve your personal interests and passions – right from your desk! 

Business Qigong can help you:

  • Find good answers for crises and challenges
  • Keep your energy in balance or increase your energy level
  • Accept changes and react positively
  • Be confident, motivated and responsible
  • Maintain harmonious relationships with workers, management and other stakeholders, such as customers and service providers
  • Keep calm and serene, even when chaos reigns around you
  • Promote health and balance
  • Learn to define limits and stay calm
  • Be authentic and find a professional environment that meets your values
  • Achieve a good integration of work, family, friends and interests
  • Allow effective and sustainable regeneration of the body through daily, short phases of training.

The slow, meditative and flowing movements soothe and support the free energy flow in the body and release the effects of stress. If you exercise regularly, you will experience new energy, avoid fatigue and burnout, and find yourself fitter and more motivated in your job. At the same time, you will have more power for personal topics that are close to your heart. 

Just 10 to 30 minutes of Business Qigong can help lift your mood and wellbeing. Regular exercise not only improves your performance and stability, but you can also learn to focus energies to reduce things like stage fright before important appointments or lectures.

Imagine: despite the high level of work, you are able to stay fresh and keep your nerves balanced, even in difficult situations. You will exude sovereignty and can also make reliable decisions in complex situations. Your strengths will develop and expand.

Whether all this remains a desire or becomes a reality is entirely up to you.

Did You Know ?

Only 15 minutes of daily Qigong training improves your vitality, your quality of life and sleep, social activities, your health, your wellbeing, and reduces your chronic fatigue. This is the result of a British long-term study from 2008.