Towards The Life You Love

By making your life healthier, more harmonious and successful, you will be able to control your consciousness and thoughts, no matter what the circumstances.

In other words, by finding flexible, adaptable, creative and useful solutions that promote your wellbeing and success, you will have your life in your own hands

Try this: Raise your hands above your head. Smile and laugh. And now say out loud: “I am sooooo sick.”


And now: Lower your arms and head, pull your chin to your chest, and hunch your back. And now say out loud: “I am a winner.”

Interesting, right?

In this short self-experiment, you will notice that something feels wrong. Your statements and thoughts do not match your posture. Your body-spirit harmony is disrupted.

If you want to control your life consciously, then the most important first step is to notice such disharmony. Only when you are aware and alert, and recognize limiting thought patterns and behaviours, can you start a process of transformation. After recognition and acknowledgment, acceptance follows.

Accepting a situation for what it is, is an art that requires daily practice. 

In a state of inner resistance over a long period of time, you start to deplete vital energy and lose the strength to pursue your ultimate goals and visions. A vision for your best life and intention is important if you want to control your life consciously and promote your wellbeing and your success.

Many experts have recognized that a key 21st-century skill for a successful and satisfying life is the art of leading oneself. This includes the ability to find out in every phase of life, what is really important, and to set priorities accordingly. 

The various areas of life, such as work, family, friends, social networks, health, hobbies, personal passions, rest periods, holidays, leisure and finding your own sense of life, will thereby be balanced and equally considered.  For this we need to be aware, clear, and decisive, while each area needs to be given the time and space it requires.

Zhineng Qigong helps you to lead your life based on your personal and individual priorities and lifestyle. By applying the light, easy and highly effective methods and exercises, a new body-mind harmony arises. Your perceptions become clearer. Your ability to find creative solutions for life’s problems improves. Essentially, you will feel a new vitality radiating from within.

Did You Know ?

About 85% of our happiness is the result of our interpersonal relationships. Thus, a successful life is largely determined by harmonious and balanced relationships. Make sure that your relationship with yourself and others is full of understanding and trust. In times of crisis and disharmony, steer against the negativity by finding timely creative solutions. In that way you stay the captain of your own life boat and on top of your success and happiness.