Master Jianshe Liu

Hainan, China.

Co-operation with the Body & Mind Factory since 2012.

Master Jianshe was introduced to Zhineng Qigong in 1989 in Beijing and his destiny henceforth changed.

He was born in the Chinese famine time and grew up during the ten years of the Cultural Revolution. He suffered mentally and physically during this time and from 1966 to 1989, he experienced painful stomach aches throughout the three winter months each year. Since he has been practising Zhineng Qigong his mind and body have changed tremendously.  For the first time he felt so beautiful to be a human being! It was also the first time he felt proud to be Chinese!

When your life improves and you are full of energy – everything becomes beautiful in your eyes, everyone is kind to you. It’s true that you yourself change and the whole world then seems different and to change around you. Qigong brings people happiness and inner joy. Qigong gives more energy and strength! We feel each day is the start of our new live, we can make our life more beautiful and full of energy every day! 

Master Jianshe Liu has been engaged in Zhienng Qigong teaching since 1991. He has spread Zhineng Qigong in different cities and villages in China and overseas in Europe, the USA, South America, Australia and Africa. He has witnessed many marvels of healing with his own eyes. He deeply feels Zhineng Qigong can bring hope to humanity and harmony to the world.

He co-owns a Zhineng Qigong Centre on the tropical island of Hainan, the Hexianju Qigong Centre which translates as:

A quiet place of healing and well being, where youthfulness and longevity can be attained through the practice of Qigong. 

During the daily training with an experienced team of Zhineng Qigong teachers, people from all over the world reconnect with their inner balance and strength and become aware of their true self to rebuild health, vitality well-being and inner peace from within.

Master Jianshe’s refreshing and powerful instructions and his clear presence make it easy to let go of the experience of stress, pressure, tension and discomfort. In his presence, you create new ideas for inner peace, serenity and health. True inner strength and joy are evolving from inside. To relax and to come into contact with one’s very own values ​​and intentions will be effortless. Your life force is re- nourished and built up in a refreshing way. Rejuvenation, a new sense for your health & well-being and renewal are the logical consequence. 


Did You Know ?

In 2018 the Body & Mind Factory organised a Zhineng Qigong holiday journey to  Hainan, China when we explored an authentic China and through our Zhineng Qigong practice discovered our own authentic core. Master Jianshe and his team personally welcomed us in Hainan, we enjoyed the daily Qigong training in combination with the holiday, the people, the history & the culture. Master Jianshe and his team created a framework, in which we experienced the modern and historic China first hand and at the same time took an inward journey to promote health, well-being and wisdom. Interested in traveling to China? Please contact us!

In 2018 and 2019 Master Jianshe also facilitated a wonderful Qigong Fasting Retreat and we are planning to organise another one on the North Sea Island of Juist in 2020.  Please contact us  if you are interested in joining us as space is limited.

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