Fit For Work

Find peace in all the hustle and bustle. Design projects successfully and give them space for reflection.

Amidst the hustle and bustle, find peace by creating successful projects in spaces of neutrality where you can reflect and just be.

The speed, the high workload, the increased expectations from colleagues, bosses and customers are immense in the business environment. More and more people feel their life is too stressful and are often overwhelmed by the high demands and rapid changes. There is no balance, as many have not yet found a truly effective approach to promote regular inner rest and recovery.

More than 60% of people in Germany feel stressed, according to a recent study by the TK in October 2016. High stress at work and one’s own demands on oneself are the two highest reported stress factors. The constant accessibility and connectivity to technology as well as too many appointments and obligations are further causes.

An interesting conclusion of the study is that the way out of the stress trap is taking control of self-responsibility!

This is also confirmed by scientists at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

In the context of their survey on Work 4.0: Megatrends of digital work of the future, they highlighted self-management as a core qualification. Worldwide, 60 experts were interviewed about the new demands on employees where traditional workflows are no longer relevant.

Conclusion of the survey? The working world is increasingly determined by micro-tasks. Inquiries and projects should be carried out as flexibly as possible and in the shortest amount of time. For this, good and effective self-management is indispensable.

If your goal is to feel fit and comfortable in your work environment, with balance and wellbeing, then self-responsibility and self-management are extremely important. Self-responsibility, in turn, requires resting periods, the ability to switch off, as well as a healthy awareness of one’s own needs and capabilities.

In China, fang song is exactly translated as “doing relaxation”. For some people relaxation may be drinking a beer or glass of wine or watching TV; however, relaxation is proactively created by gentle, slow meditative exercises, visualizations, and breathing exercises to improve body functions and generate recovery.
Business Qigong is designed so that these exercises and methods are quick to learn and easy to integrate into the workday at the office. They are fun and can be trained everywhere. First results are already visible and felt after a very short time.

Did You Know ?

Since 2010, physical activity has been steadily declining in Germany. Only 45% of people are moving sufficiently. In particular, the desk worker, which accounts for 46% of all professional careers, does not move enough. Their daily average sitting time is 11 hours (DAK study, spring 2016).