Radiate from inside and be naturally beautiful so that you attract joy, success and contentment.

When you are mentally fit and enjoy taking initiative, you will shape your life with passion and enthusiasm.

The term vitality has its origin in Latin – “vitalis” – and stands for “to be able to live”. Vitality can be described as how well an organism manages to adapt to its environment or to use its environment. Similarly, vitality is also related to a type of principle, characteristic or energy that distinguishes living things from non-living things. Therefore it’s a quality that all humans possess and is significantly linked to your bodily functions and your wellbeing – physically, emotionally, mentally and socially.

When we learn to accept ourselves completely, then we are able to express our true self and our natural beauty, and we are healthy and vital. Outer beauty has a source different from inner beauty. 

Outer beauty is determined by our inherited genes. Inner beauty comes through the development of our personal qualities and the ability to make our consciousness more alert. We carry both in us – on the one hand the genes of our parents, and on the other hand our own individual path of growth. Bringing both aspects of beauty into congruence is what produces “true beauty”.

Already more than 500 years ago, doctors of Chinese medicine and Qigong have proclaimed a long, vital life by preserving the origin Qi and emphasizing nourishment from the inside. By nourishing the inside, not only are organ functions optimized, but blood and Qi circulation is also improved and diseases are prevented. 

Zhineng Qigong is practised by millions of people worldwide to achieve an authentic and powerful life that corresponds with your entire personality and leaves no room for self-doubt, inner emptiness or meaningless relationships. After a short time of training, you will establish a new feeling of vitality that nourishes joy in life and motivates you.

Did You Know ?

In different parts of the world, various societies have their own distinctive concepts of what is physically beautiful. Thin bodies, small feet, voluptuous bodies, long hair, the list is endless. There are so many versions of “outer beauty” it can make your head spin.

People try to embody these various forms of beauty to please others. Inner beauty, on the other hand, is rare. Inner beauty is strong. Inner beauty is uniquely yours.

Develop your own inner beauty and gain confidence in yourself and you will easily be the most beautiful person in the room.