Really, all is good? Change of Consciousness with the Support of Qigong

This year, during our summer vacation in northern Germany, we noticed a statement not only during our meetings with family members and friends, but also on the train, while shopping, and during other random encounters: “It’s all good”. My husband’s spontaneous response was often: “Not everything is all good. For example, have you ever thought about the pollution of the world’s oceans – is that good?” Of course it was a provocation where one could add other examples of what is currently not going well on planet Earth. I began to think about why so many people currently emphasize the “It’s all good” inner state.

Throughout the years of studying and practicing Zhineng Qigong, I learned right at the beginning from the wise teachers from China that I can only initiate change and transformation, if I first accept from the depth of my heart what currently is. Then, not judging what is. The next step is to consider what I really want and strive for. With this newly gained intention, the daily Zhineng Qigong exercises have a supporting, nourishing and transforming effect and impact. Are the people in Germany all of a sudden all Qigong practitioners?

Probably not. Nevertheless – whether unconsciously or consciously – it seems as if more and more people are longing for an inner and an outer state of acceptance, harmony and balance and also affirm this with the statement “It’s all good”.

We live in turbulent times that can cause a lot of unrest. So how can you stay calm and say “It’s all good.”? Our inspiring online program “Life Changer presents The Five Immune Systems in Zhineng Qigong” in September will address this and reveal new ways and solutions to deal with these daily challenges.

A declared goal of Zhineng Qigong is to be aware of and activate your inner resources in order to achieve your full potential. Beyond that, the main goal is to promote one’s own health, to activate one’s personal self-healing powers, to strengthen one’s mental power and to nourish a state of emotional balance.

According to the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, resources are:

“All kinds of knowledge, skills, attitudes, personality traits, talents, relationships, and networks that are available to a person as potential.”

We can better cope with challenges with the support of inner resources. A few examples are mastering a personal crisis and change, achieving what’s important to us, and finding solutions to problems we’ve never had before.

Inner and personal resources, such as your own motivation, your interests, your mental, emotional and practical abilities and your ability to improve your health and well-being, also your experiences and character traits can be intrinsically influenced. In Zhineng Qigong the immune system also plays an important role and it is seen from a holistic perspective. There are 5 different immune systems: Consciousness immune system, Emotional immune system, Energy field immune system, Membrane system immune system, Physical immune system- different systems that lead to holistic health.

These are qualities and actions that take place “within us” and over which we have control and make choices.

Our September program is a great opportunity to learn more about this and deepen and refreshing your knowledge.

If you would like to learn from Zhineng Qigong Master Yuantong Liu and his team in the new 3-week online program “Life Changer presents The Five Immune Systems in Zhineng Qigong”, receive versatile and applicable knowledge, practical skills and methods as well as inspiration, and put the implementation of what you have learned entirely in your hands and make it your own responsibility, then we look forward to welcoming you! Please find more information about the dates, times, content as well as possibility to register here.

We look forward to giving your life motto “It’s all good” an even deeper meaning and a more far-reaching significance and being a support with practical applications.

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