The power of Qigong Fasting for health, vitality and mental strength

In Qigong Fasting, the body tremendously increases its energy, strength and vitality despite the absence of solid food and other stimulants. By abstaining from the usual three meals, the body deeply relaxes and opens up for an increased energy intake. At the same time inner peace and mental clarity are strengthened and one’s emotions are balanced.

In March, we will welcome Master Jianshe from China in our peaceful and beautiful holiday resort in Northern Germany (close to Bremen).

During this holistic health retreat this specific Qi energy intake of Qigong Fasting can be practiced upon request. All forms of fasting, such as complete abstinence from solid food or fasting with soups, fruits, vegetables or juices are possible. You will learn how to “eat” and nourish yourself with Qi instead!

If you want to join us for the Qigong Fasting Retreat, we advise you to discuss the best fasting approach with your doctor or alternative natural health practitioner.

Effects of Qigong Fasting

• Recovery of the digestive system
• Purification of body, mind and soul
• Cleansing the body of concretion, toxins and negative emotions
• Deepening of consciousness and Yi Yuan Ti awareness
• Renewal and sensitization of the senses
• Strengthening the self-healing powers and the immune system
• Improvement of cognitive skills
• Increase of true self-awareness
• More intense awareness of nature and the environment

There is a so-called autophagy process happening in our body, which is needed so that our cells remain healthy and efficient. It is a kind of self-digestive program that cleanses and detoxifies the cells. Eating too often blocks this self-cleaning process of the cells. The cell literally „collapses from the garbage“ when autophagy is prevented by the constant supply of external solid food.

If you choose Qigong Fasting during our retreat, we in addition recommend to create an environment where you can slow down and get rid of unnecessary appointments and activities. In this way, you will have more time to enjoy your fasting time together with the light and very effective Zhineng Qigong exercises and the guided meditations by Master Jianshe. This Qi nourishment promotes your inward journey and help you to fully benefit from the Qigong Fasting experience. At the same time you can create space for some beautiful walks in the park along the lake of Bad Zwischenahn to further enjoy and rejuvenate.

Movement is an important factor for the success of fasting, as the elimination of degradation products via the lungs and skin should be supported and muscles strengthened. In addition, the body’s circulation is kept going. To consider this process in our retreat, there will be a good mix of Zhineng Qigong exercises, methods and tools, combined with nourishing inward meditations and resting time.

Of course, if you want to participate in our health retreat without the qigong fasting, that is possible!

More information about the Qigong Fasting Retreat: Master Jianshe in Northern Germany from March 16-March 25

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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