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More than just a set of tools…it’s a life practice!

For those of us, who are already practicing Zhineng Qigong and using this ancient, yet modern art and science of meditative movements and meditations to manifest our health- and life intentions, we already discovered, that our practice goes beyond learning a set of tools to achieve a certain result. If we are open for it, it becomes this fundamental life practice many people are longing for.

Improve the energy field of your home and create a powerful environment for harmony, courage and creativity

The professional world talks about the “VUCA world”, a world that is characterized by volatility, i.e. of constant and unpredictable changes, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. During times like these it seems even more important to support your home with abundant positive information and energy.

Energy of the heart as a starting point for a self-determined life

In traditional Chinese medicine it is assumed that the Shen has its place in the heart. The heart is therefore home to all humans’ mental power, which includes both the mind, consciousness and the subconscious. Thus, extremely important physical and emotional processes take place in the heart itself.

The festive season invites to reflect and take some time out

When approaching the end of the year it’s time to reflect and take some time out. New ideas and goals will develop from within. Besides learning how to fully exploit the present moment in the sense of joyful living and being aware with all senses and consciousness, our holistic health retreat in Bad Zwischenahn also gave our participants new insights into how to activate their body’s self-healing powers.

Becoming one with the universe in the special Qi field of the earth’s spinner wheel Table Mountain

Table Mountain in South Africa is known as one of the four spinners wheels, and more precisely “the earth wheel”, meant to nurture, generate and sustain light. Table Mountain is the energy centre that “(…) displays the greatest creativity and fluidity in dealing with all things that the earth element symbolizes alchemically.