Build up strength and inner peace by perceiving your own heart

“Gently close your eyes and move your vision inside” are the introductory words of Master Zhen Qinchuan from China, as he facilitates the first heart meditation as part of the “Psychology of inner perception” seminar at Haus Brandstätter, Bad Zwischenahn, Northern Germany in August. Curiously and quietly, 38 participants from all parts of Germany, India, South Africa, France, Holland, Switzerland and Belgium follow his instructions.

“Now connect with your heart and stay there. Whatever you perceive, just experience it. Allow it, do not judge it and stay in that state. ”

All participants are highly focused to reach out to their own hearts. Some find it easy, others feel a deep restlessness or confusion. Can the activation of self-healing be so easy? After a few minutes and with some more encouraging words of the Qigong expert, most of the participants enjoy deep relaxation and inner peace.

During the subsequent exchange, a woman from Berlin reports that her pain has dissolved in her stomach. Qigong Master Zhen is not only an internationally recognized teacher of the Asian meditative movement art and self-healing methods system, but also an excellent expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Calmly, he explains why a peaceful and relaxed heart has a positive effect on other organs of the body.

A woman from Hamburg reports a bit disbelievingly and yet with great joy that the tinnitus has disappeared in her ears. When the heart as the emperor of all organs calms down and qi and blood flow freely and evenly, the kidneys are also strengthened. From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are connected to the ears. By strengthening the kidneys the discomfort in the ears could be resolved. This goes without saying for the Qigong Master from China. He has been supporting people for decades to use these and other effective methods to manage their own health and wellbeing. And he has enjoyed many marvelous healing stories along the way. For most students this was still a new experience, which deepened and settled in the following days.

At the end of the three-day course on the “Psychology of inner perception” there was only positive feedback on the results and experiences. Master Zhen further encourages, “You do not need a particular time or space for your own training. To be in touch with your own heart, can be practiced anywhere and at any point during the day. Just a few minutes a day is already enough to feel better, be more relaxed, calmer and healthier. ”

We are very pleased that Master Zhen returns to Germany in December 2018 and March 2019!

From 8.-9. December we support the seminar at the SpiritMed Institute Willich near Düsseldorf, which is aimed at students and teachers of health professions.

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From the 8th to the 17th of March 2019, Master Zhen will be back to a 10-day seminar with us in beautiful Bad Zwischenahn. Among other self-health-care management approaches, we will explore, expand and deepen the “Psychology of inner perception” with new ideas, exercises and methods! Please mark the date already!

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