What is Hunyuan Qi Therapy?

Many kinds of therapies focus mainly on treating the symptoms, they place emphasis on the illness of body and its organs while ignoring other influencing factors such as general holistic health factors, internal and external factors as well as mental and emotional health status of the affected person.

The holistic and scientifically proven approach of Hunyuan Qi Therapy addresses illness at its roots and aims to eliminate any imbalances between body, emotions and mind. Nourishing body and mind with sufficient qi, positive energy and positive information, and balancing the emotional state, is the stated goal. The Hunyuan Qi Therapy Methods System uses powerful theories and practical exercises to activate self-healing abilities. It is one of the most advanced and effective forms of Qi healing to optimize general well-being and improve quality of life.

In Zhineng Qigong Science the specific term Hunyuan refers to the merging of the three substances physical matter, energy and information, and their transformation into a healthy whole entity. In Hunyuan Qi Therapy the focus is on the process of absorbing ever abundant external Hunyuan Qi provided by nature or the universe and converting it into powerful internal Qi through special practices. This process is accompanied by a powerful healing intention. The exercises are based on methods of Zhineng Qigong Science utilising Qi as a form of information capable of eliminating internal blockages, cultivating the mind and effecting physical changes in targeted areas.

Hunyuan Qi Therapy can comprise of external healing, where a therapist creates a Qi field and sends healing information for recovery, but it is mainly based on powerful internal healing processes that are activated by the client himself/herself by practicing easy to learn yet highly effective Zhineng Qigong exercises, thereby intensifying the self-healing and awareness process. One of the fundamental principles of this therapy is to embrace the conscious healing process and ‘power of intention’ by learning to formulate and reinforce one’s concise, result-focussed intention to heal.

There are various therapy methods available, all following the principles and movements of nature: Open and close, gather and release, out and in, integrate and transform. We can observe that healthy people consciously follow these principles of the universe, thereby positively and successfully living, structuring and transforming their lives. They adapt to the evolution and regeneration of the universe, they grow with challenges and universal changes, they open their heart and mind to ‘go with the flow’. During Hunyuan Qi Therapy clients learn specific exercises, visualizations and powerful meditations that unite body, mind and heart, following exactly these natural laws.

Our Zhineng Qigong Hunyuan Qi Therapy Workshops and Retreats are primarily but not exclusively aimed at people who wish to activate their self-healing abilities. Besides eliminating physical symptoms of illness, workshop participants reported improved mental strength and focus, an optimised emotional balance and higher vitality level, as well as inner peace and relaxation.

For your own journey to improved health and holistic well-being we will organise two more Zhineng Qigong | Hunyuan Qi Therapy Workshops this year:

  • Northern Germany, Bad Zwischenahn (near Bremen): 02 – 06 November 2019
  • USA, Big Island, Hawaii: 02 – 11 Dezember 2019

We look forward to having you join us!


With an open heart and mind, control of one’s own consciousness is not only possible, but a logical outcome. A properly set healing intention for yourself and others is already the start of a healthier and more authentic life! We must learn to control our thoughts and know how to activate the Hun Yuan Qi for holistic health promotion to heal ourselves and others to live our best life. – Master Yuantong Liu

The team of qualified International Therapists is growing year by year. It is truly wonderful and immensely inspiring to see the results of their work, witness their treatment success and follow the healing stories that have been shared.

Should you be interested in learning more about Hunyuan Qi Therapy, please visit the website www.hunyuanqitherapy.com where you will find more information.



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