Website Relaunch

It has been quite a long, intense and enriching experience

While our friends in China celebrate their Lunar New Year 2017, we are in the spirit of new beginnings, too and are extremely happy to go live with our relaunched website!

It has been quite a long, intense and enriching experience – starting with big questions like “Who are we?“ – “Who are our clients?“ and “In which ways would we like to continue to serve and be a contribution?“. Many discussions followed by hourly brainstorming meetings in wonderful settings like the Cape Town Company Garden or in Cafés close to the beach – giving our best to create this project in the spirit of Zhineng Qigong: allowing big intentions to manifest while being relaxed, enjoying lots of fun and keeping our hearts and minds open!

We hope you like the result and you will find many new insights and inspiration in the new structured sections.

So what will be ahead of us in this New Lunar Year of the fire rooster? There are indeed some good news: the fire rooster allows us to use our full potential and to find our true strengths.

It is important for us to be content with ourselves and to use our talents in the right way.

In this way our Qi can flow well and abundantly and provide us with its strength and energy. The year of the rooster invites us to act with self-confidence and believe in our own abilities. The additional energy of the fire rooster can be used energetically for self-motivation to approach our ideas and projects with a lot of enthusiasm and a positive mind-set.

The Yin metal, which the rooster carries along next to the fire, will help us to stay more focused on the essentials and develop more discipline. In order to avoid that we burn out ourselves along the way, it is important that we take many creative breaks, create space for renewal and retreat to do something for our wellbeing!

So we are extremely happy to share with you many opportunities for these break aways, retreats and renewal treatments, as in the spirit of the New Year of the Fire Rooster, we have compiled a colorful variety of Zhineng (Wisdom) Qigong courses, retreats, holiday travels and exciting educational programs for you. Kindly use them to continue your journey to health, serenity, joy and wellbeing!

We look forward to seeing you soon and sharing these special events and treats!

I also like to thank all my Zhineng Qigong partners, teachers, colleagues, family members, friends and clients who supported the relaunch with positive Qi and who always support me in my own practice and progress. And of course a special thanks to our BMF team members: Roman, Torsten, Renate, Kelli and Diana, for all your effortless efforts, inspiration and creativity. And also a big “Thank you” to Emily, Simon, Kenny and their colleagues at Greenbox Design, Cape Town – who gave this project a beautiful design touch and contributed tremendously to go “live” with it.




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