Qigong Fasting – a journey to ignite your true self

It’s funny, isn’t it? The increasing lock down relaxations after months of restricted life due to corona seem to be accompanied by restlessness, increasing consumption and a feeling of stress. More and more people share with us, that they long for the quiet time and the valuable family quality time while they were forced to stay at home. Slowing down, reducing unnecessary baggage, detoxifying, strengthening and grounding one-self – these are qualities of life that are important for well-being and health, especially in times of permanent uncertainties and constant change.

Qigong fasting is not just about avoiding solid food intake and thereby cleaning the inside of the body, detoxifying cells and regenerating body functions. Above all, it is about emotional and mental balance, a new sense for inner peace and relaxation, a personal “reset”. It is about transforming everyday habits that stand in the way of experiencing our life positively and freely. This retreat allows you to consciously set your own boundaries and reflect internally in order to initiate sustainable changes and face everyday challenges with creativity and serenity. The professional world also refers to “introspection” and talks about fasting as an “integrative medicine”.

During Qigong fasting we promote inducing the Qi from nature, thus increasing our vitality in a holistic way – equally considering the physical, emotional and mental level. While we refrain from eating solid foods, we discover our true self, expand our consciousness and learn specific methods to enhance the vital life force in our body. Holistic health, clarity, inspiration and regeneration are some of the results, you can expect from this process. Based on the idea of “absorbing and releasing” – one of the basic principles of nature – we free ourselves from unnecessary baggage, open ourselves up to fresh energy and discover our inner resources and strength.

Our Qigong Fasting Retreat with Zhineng Qigong Master Jianshe on the North Sea Island of Juist from 3-10 October is the perfect place to take time out for slowing down, self-reflection, inner cleansing and new vitality.

Qigong is a journey to trust ourselves, find ourselves and be ourselves. – Master Jianshe Liu

It is already for the third time that we offer this very popular fasting retreat. During this retreat you have the opportunity to combine powerful, meditative and relaxing Qigong training with Qigong fasting under the guidance of Master Jianshe from China while being surrounded by beautiful nature and not far from the sea.

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We look forward to having you join us!

P.S. This retreat can also be booked without participating in the Qigong fasting!



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