Interview with Master Zhen: Insights into “The Psychology of Inner Perceptions”

After having shared a few enlightening days attending his “The Psychology of Inner Perceptions” Workshop in Bad Zwischenahn in September 2018, we conducted an interesting interview with Master Zhen Qingchuan from Peking.

In this workshop participants had the opportunity to learn about the interconnecting relationship between emotions, mind and body. How do our emotions affect our actions? How does an emotional imbalance impact on our life and the life of others around us? Do our emotions and mental state have an effect on our wellbeing?

We learned that it is important to understand the connection between emotions, mind and body and that clearing one’s emotion and eliminating mental blockages may lead to a better, happier and healthier life.

Master Zhen explains that by understanding the theory and practising the methods of Zhineng Qigong, one is able to “(…) cultivate, stabilize and sharpen your mind, improve your mental state, allow it to be more stable and clear [and as a result] you will benefit a lot in your life.”

He further explains that “more and more people realise a lot of physical problems actually come from the mind. Some reason might be their emotional state, others because of some mental things.”

So can cleaning our emotional state and strengthening our mind help us reach better health and cure physical illnesses? Various case studies have shown a strong connection between the two components.

According to Master Zhen the key is to “(…) clear the emotion behind the physical symptom”, travel deeply into the inner self and unblock any emotional barriers that may have an impact on the body’s overall state of health.”

He says “Traditional Chinese medicine theory talk[s] a lot about this; mental, heart, emotion, influence or connect with which organs, which internal organs, connect with which part of our physical part of our body. (…) There might be some marks inside of you, which create the problem. When you become aware of them, identify and name them, this process can settle the problem.”

We would like thank Master Zhen once again for sharing his interesting theory and practical exercises with us. He taught us how to apply the methods of Zhineng Qigong with the aim to clear and stabilise our mind, improve our health and wellbeing.

Or using his own words:

“After you understand the theory, learn the method, in the future you can practice this, too. Your overall state and life quality should be better and better.”

Zhineng Qigong is both a lifestyle and science, aimed at improving our quality of life.

Thank you Master Zhen for taking us on this enlightening journey and for joining us again in Düsseldorf and Bad Zwischenahn in March 2019!

We look forward to your visit!

More Information on Master Zhen’s visit to Germany in March



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