Drawing strength from one’s inner core and transforming negative thoughts during challenging times

It’s not only the worldwide spreading of the COVID-19 Virus that triggers an unusual fear and panic in many people. We currently experience challenges on various levels that overwhelm many of us: refugees looking for shelter, political and social injustices, natural disasters, pollution, increasing serious and chronic diseases, etc. Worries about one’s own health, the well-being of others and existential fears due to economic developments are increasing. The future is becoming more and more uncertain and is no longer predictable.

This daily uncertainty can quickly turn into a negative thought cycle creating space for feelings of being trapped and hopeless.

It is in these situations when regular training of Zhineng Qigong methods and meditations can work wonders. The mind is guided from external chaos to inner perception, to a relaxed and stabilized state of mind. The heart calms down and is strengthened. Inner peace and balance unfold. Many methods of Zhineng Qigong are aimed at strengthening lung and kidney functions as well as boosting the immune system. By practicing these methods one increases confidence in one’s own self-healing abilities. The body can regenerate and strengthen itself.

Only if we are in a healthy balance with ourselves, with others and with nature, we can master the global challenges of today’s age with a clear mind, inner peace and a strong body. It is important to strengthen your inner core.

How can we achieve such a balanced state?

  • Regular Training
    Regular training of Zhineng Qigong methods build-up Qi from inside and strengthen the inner core.
  • Encouraging positive thoughts
    Observing one’s own thoughts can interrupt a possible negative thought pattern. We can choose to apply our consciousness to transform the negative into a positive one.
  • Following your own intention
    What is really important to us? What are we burning for? What interests do we have and what is it that motivates us? The conscious focus on our own intention gives us inner peace and strength. Our intention becomes a lighthouse that shows us the way to overall health and mental clarity.
  • Supporting others on their way
    By sending positive information we can support other people on their way to become healthy or remain healthy.

Using one’s conscious consciousness to play a more active and participatory role in one’s own self-healthcare management

The participants who attended our Zhineng Qigong Retreats in South Africa in March 2020 made a conscious decision to use the workshop to strengthen their inner core. With each day of practice the ability to meet the global challenges with a new, positive way of thinking increased. Some participants were enthusiastic about their personal self-healing successes, others enjoyed new mental strength and a balanced emotional state.

Please find a few testimonials below:

Day by day I am awakening to an awareness that there is a change, a positive sensation and it almost seems to be miraculous (…) what a gift this journey has been. Sally-Anne, South Africa

Thank you for a wonderful 3 days that we spent at the retreat we both thoroughly enjoyed the experience and meeting many lovely likeminded people. The Tuesday after we arrived back I had so much energy I felt I could take on the world. I have been practicing qigong daily (…) Maggie, UK

I have felt hugely supported and encouraged by Zhineng Qigong and its community in these strange times where self-care is becoming the only way forward. Frances, South Africa

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