Appreciate the blessings in your life

2020 brought many challenges upon humanity but looking back and reflecting on the discussions we had with fellow practitioners in our Qigong community, we can confidently say that Zhineng Qigong helped many of us to conquer the challenges and open up for the blessings in our lives.

This year has brought many physical health challenges and increasing mental and emotional disorders to people around the world, partly due to the economic challenges and restrictions that were placed upon many of us. While the external world unfolded into chaos, many fellow practitioners consciously chose to embark on a journey inwardly to find true joy, strengthen heart and mind from inside, striving for overall well-being and vital health.

As Grandmaster Dr Pang’s says

Zhineng Qigong aims to improve people’s physical and mental health levels and to help bring happiness to human race 

– we could witness many Qi miracles this year. Health and happiness is as highly relevant as ever!

In all the years of teaching Zhineng Qigong and sharing the empowering theories of Zhineng Qigong Medicine and Hunyuan Qi Therapy, we have seldom seen such practice diligence and so many 100-day Gongs being successfully completed.  The engaging and highly supportive community interaction has touched us deeply.  It has been truly inspiring to witness how the power of Zhineng Qigong has been shining like a lighthouse in the storm.

Take your time, reflect and write down all the positive experiences you have had this year! You will be surprised about your long list of new insights, inspiration and motivation!

Participants of our successful “Life Changer Online” programs have shared some of their experiences with us.  Among others, terms like “deceleration”, “present moment living”, “quality time for practice”, “regeneration”, “healing” and “balance” reflect the impact that had been created in people’s lives.  For many the program has been the starting point of a life-long journey.  Others gained a deeper understanding and new meaning of the powerful theories and methods that were shared.

A complete integration of Zhineng Qigong into the daily life can be a life-changer.  Health, well-being and happiness are imminent results.  External factors that seemingly impact on the manifestation of life intentions unfold as an opportunity to further develop one’s Qigong consciousness.  

Diligent Zhineng Qigong practice helps to change our mindset, open our hearts, consciously transform all negative to positive, thus fully opening up to life and the blessings it presents us with. 

To finish this year strong, be inspired again by the Zhineng Qigong founder Prof. Dr. Pang Ming:

To persist in practice, a practitioner must treat it as an integral part of their daily life, giving it the same importance as a significant meal, developing it into a habit, forming a potential consciousness, and regarding it as the necessity for enhancing his or her vital activities. 

When will you start your 100 day gong?



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