Island Juist (Northern Germany): “Holistic health & Qigong Fasting” with Master Jianshe

Mental clarity and strength while promoting good health

For the third time – in October 2020 – you have the opportunity to combine the powerful, meditative and rejuvenating Qigong training with Qigong Fasting – under the guidance of Master Jianshe from Hainan, China. We look forward to seeing you there!.

“We achieve the true qigong healing for ourselves by completly accepting ourselves. We are keen to accept everything in our life, even the sufferring! True qigong healing means to stop fighting with ourselves, and even give up the fight against our illness. In this state, we start to totally relax and open ourselves to the universe (the qifield). Our Qigong practice develops to be full of joy and our recovery can happen very fast!”

We are very pleased that Master Jianshe has again accepted this unique invitation as he will be giving very few courses outside of China in 2020!

This Zhineng Qigong Health Retreat is open to beginners and advanced Qigong students alike.

The focus will be on experiencing inspiring Zhineng Qigong practice sessions with Zhineng Qigong Master Jianshe Liu. His refreshing and powerful instructions and his clear presence make it easy to let go of the experience of stress, pressure, tension and discomfort.

You will again have the opportunity to practice Qigong Fasting and abstain from physical food for a couple of days. Under the inspiring guidance of Master Jianshe, you will learn how to let go of food for a few days while nourishing yourself with Qi from deep inside instead. This way of practice is optional, so you can also join this retreat without Qi fasting.

Releasing and allowing – this natural balance creates space for new ideas, inner peace, serenity and health. True inner strength is evolving from inside. To relax and to come into contact with one’s very own values ​​and intentions will be effortless. Our life force is re- nourished and built up in a refreshing way. Rejuvenation and a new sense for your health & well-being are the logical consequence.

About Master Jianshe

Master Jianshe has been engaged in Zhineng Qigong healing and teaching since 1991. He has spread Zhineg Qigong in many cities and villages, in China as well as in countries such as The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, UK, Germany, the US, Mexico, Peru and Africa. He has witnessed many marvels of healing with his own eyes. He deeply feels Qigong can bring hope to humanity and harmony to the world.

He is super excited to share the possibility of Qigong Fasting as he has offered these kind of retreats already in Germany, the USA and China, all of them with tremendous success. In his teachings and joint practice, he also will focus on the functions, characteristics and abilities of Yi Yuan Ti (mind oneness entity). By awakening one’s own Yi Yuan Ti, it is possible to effectively activate one’s self-healing powers and living life to its full potential.

Read more about Master Jianshe here

What you can expect:

  • Zhineng Qigong Level 1 and other methods to improve physical and mental strength, emotional stability and Yi Yuan Ti awareness
  • Practice how to nourish yourself with Qi
  • Improved self-awareness and learn to accept what is
  • Gain a calm state of mind and clarity from within
  • Stabilization of the mind, new focus and deep relaxation
  • Learn to trust in the authentic and true self
  • Gaining inspiration for new ideas and intentions
  • Building a powerful Qi field guided by an experienced Qigong master
  • Rejuvenation
  • Learn how to apply the ideas and tools in your daily routine after the course

Possibility to focus on Qigong Fasting for all participants who are interested

  • Deepen your experience and understanding of Yi Yuan Ti
  • Cleaning the digestive system
  • Activate your self-healing abilities, repair your body cells and create a pure, well functioning body
  • Receive nourishment from the universe directly
  • Transformation and a new quality of vitality and clarity
  • Integrate external and internal Qi


We are very excited to be able to offer this retreat once again at this comfortable educational facility on the beautiful island of Juist with direct access to the beach and sea. This is the perfect retreat to practice the gentle Zhineng Qigong exercises while enjoying the fasting, relax and rest.


Important note:

This course can also be booked without you taking part in the Qi fasting


Saturday, 3 October:

During the course of the morning: Arrival
15h00 – 18h00 Theory and practice with Master Jianshe

Sunday 4 October – Friday 9 October:

9h30-12h30 Theory and practice with Master Jianshe
12h30-15h00 Lunch Break
15h00 -18h00 Theory and practice with Master Jianshe

Wednesday, 7 October:

Free afternoon and evening

Thursday, 8 October:

Afternoon: Relaxing walk along the beach with qigong practice in a beautiful nature reserve

Saturday, 10 October:

9h30-12h30 Theory and practice with Master Jianshe
During the course of the afternoon: Departure


In the mornings: 7h00 – 8h00 Qigong Practice Session on the beach (if weather permits)

In the evenings: 19h30 -20h15 Standing Meditation

The power of Qigong Fasting

In Qigong Fasting, the body tremendously increases its energy, strength and vitality despite the absence of solid food and other stimulants. By abstaining from the usual three meals, the body deeply relaxes and opens up for an increased energy intake. At the same time inner peace and mental clarity are strengthened and one’s emotions are balanced.

During this holistic health retreat this specific Qi energy intake of Qigong Fasting can be practiced upon request. All forms of fasting, such as complete abstinence from solid food or fasting with soups, fruits, vegetables or juices are possible. You will learn how to “eat” and nourish yourself with Qi instead!
If you want to join us for the Qigong Fasting Retreat, we advise you to discuss the best fasting approach with your doctor or alternative natural health practitioner.

Effects of Qigong Fasting

  • Recovery of the digestive system
  • Purification of body, mind and soul
  • Cleansing the body of concretion, toxins and negative emotions
  • Deepening of consciousness and Yi Yuan Ti awareness
  • Renewal and sensitization of the senses
  • Strengthening the self-healing powers and the immune system
  • Improvement of cognitive skills
  • Increase of true self-awareness
  • More intense awareness of nature and the environment

There is a so-called autophagy process happening in our body, which is needed so that our cells remain healthy and efficient. It is a kind of self-digestive program that cleanses and detoxifies the cells. Eating too often blocks this self-cleaning process of the cells. The cell literally „collapses from the garbage“ when autophagy is prevented by the constant supply of external solid food.

If you choose Qigong Fasting during our retreat, we in addition recommend to create an environment where you can slow down and get rid of unnecessary appointments and activities. In this way, you will have more time to enjoy your fasting time together with the light and very effective Zhineng Qigong exercises and the guided meditations by Master Jianshe. This Qi nourishment promotes your inward journey and help you to fully benefit from the Qigong Fasting experience. At the same time you can create space for some beautiful walks along the North Sea on the white, sandy beach.

Movement is an important factor for the success of fasting, as the elimination of degradation products via the lungs and skin should be supported and muscles strengthened. In addition, the body’s circulation is kept going. To consider this process in our retreat, there will be a good mix of Zhineng Qigong exercises, methods and tools, combined with nourishing inward meditations and resting time.

However, if you want to participate in our health retreat without the Qigong fasting, that is of course also possible!

Investment in your health and well-being

730 € for 7 days

Participation fee includes water and tea, excludes accommodation.

10% discount for diligent Zhineng students, if you have already participated in a workshop with us

30% Zhineng Qigong Teacher discount as support for your valuable work

Important note about your online booking

Please note that you will automatically receive an email confirmation when you book with our booking form online.

If you don’t receive an email confirmation, it means that we have not received your booking.

If this is the case, please send us an e-mail instead:

We will respond to you immediately.

Many thanks!

Accomodation on the beautiful island Juist

We have once again reserved comfortable rooms as well as basic rooms in the education center Juist for our group. The spacious complex is quiet and secluded in the east of the island and in a short walking distance to the beach.


2020 Prices for accommodation and meals

The latter, just in case you do not want to participate in our qigong fasting initiative, but still like to benefit from this powerful, health-promoting retreat.

Buise Building:
Single Room 55,00 € per person per night
Double Room 35,00 € per person per night

Osterhörn Building:
Single Room 45,00 € per person per night
Double Room 30,00 € per person per night

Deichhaus Building:
Single Room 30,00 € per person per night
Double Room 20,00 € per person per night

Once-off cleaning fee upon check-out: 36,00 € per room

Breakfast: 8,00€ per person | per day

Reservations via Email:

Reservations via Tel: 04935 – 92 10 60


We will be bringing the authentic experience of practicing with a Chinese Master to the North Sea island of Juist, and look forward to having you join us!