Energy of the heart as a starting point for a self-determined life

Energy of the heart as a starting point for a self-determined life

Western science bases most of its medical applications and research on the assumption that emotion processing takes place in the brain rather than the heart.

In traditional Chinese medicine however, it is assumed that the Shen has its place in the heart. The heart is therefore home to all humans’ mental power, which includes both the mind, consciousness and the subconscious. Thus, extremely important physical and emotional processes take place in the heart itself.

Recent neuro-cardiological studies show that the heart is considerably autonomous. It was found that more information flows from the heart to the brain than vice versa. Signals from the heart influence perception, feelings and thoughts. At the same time, the heart receives information about the state of health of the entire body, which is processed in brain-like cells, but completely independent from commands of the brain.

The Chinese Master Zhen Qingchuan, Zhineng Qigong Master and TCM expert, therefore emphasizes the conscious perception of our heart energy, the focus of our consciousness on the inside, on our physical and mental heart.

Master Zhen says,

The process of inner perception is the process of healing. It is important to consciously dissolve marks in the heart and eliminate the emotion behind the physical symptom to positively influence the body’s general state of health. Only the conscious elimination of emotional blockages in the heart leads back to original inner strength and thus to a completely self-determined life.

According to the scientifically proven theories of Zhineng Qigong, one’s own consciousness is refined Qi, a formless substance. Many mental as well as health problems develop due to blockages of this very fine Qi. This is why the process of inner perception is also the process of holistic health that arises from within.

As one keeps accumulating energy, the mind will eventually be powerful enough to eliminate negative marks left before from within – Master Zhen Qingchuan

For more information on the theory of inner perception from the perspective of the heart, please refer to Master Zhen’s book “Psychology of Inner Perception”, which is also available on Amazon:

Would you like to meet Master Zhen personally?

Then go ahead and register for one of his Zhineng Qigong workshops. In 2020 he will visit South Africa offering workshops in Cape Town and Johannesburg as well as a Qigong Safari in the famous Kruger National Park.

One essential characteristic of Zhineng Qigong is that the mind and Qi integrate into one and you use your mind consciousness to induce Qi. Slow, gentle, relaxed, meditative movements are combined with the mind’s consciousness and visualizations to induce the internal Qi to move outward and external Qi to be absorbed inwardly. This method is very effective to collect and gather Qi.

Master Zhen in South Africa

Register here for his workshops in South Africa in March 2020



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