Master Zhen Qingchuan will visit South Africa from 6-20 March 2020

Master Zhen in South Africa
March 6, 2020 @ 2:00 pm – March 20, 2020 @ 10:30 am
Riverside Boutique Hotel (Cape Town), Riverplace Lodge (Centurion) and Kubu Safari Lodge (Kruger National Park)
From ZAR 3800 for 3 days
Britta Stalling (0027 76 285 3232 mobile in South Africa)
0049 4403 9746 911
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We are excited -

Master Zhen Qingchuan will be visiting South Africa in 2020 for the very first time!

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Part 1:  1-4 March 2020
Explore Cape Town – one of the most fascinating cities in the world!

*** If you are interested in traveling to Cape Town a few days prior to the workshop, we will gladly provide you with a comprehensive information sheet when registering for one of our other events, which can assist you with your travel arrangements and give you some ideas for your explorer time in Cape Town.  This part needs to be arranged by all participants themselves.

Should you be interested, you are welcome to join us for a joint dinner on one of the nights where we will welcome our participants and answer any possible questions. ***


Part 2: 6-10 March 2020
Master Zhen Qingchuan in Cape Town: “The Psychology of Inner Perception and Zhineng Qigong Level 1”
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Part 3: 13-15 March 2020
Master Zhen Qingchuan in Johannesburg: “Holistic Health and mental strength with Zhineng Qigong”
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Part 4: 16-20 March 2020
Qigong Safari:  Meet the BIG 5 and learn Zhineng Qigong from Master Zhen Qingchuan
Follow this link to get to the event page

It’s the first time that Master Zhen Qingchuan visits South Africa and we are absolutely thrilled to welcome him in the Mother City in March 2020.

This is a unique opportunity not only for South Africans but also for international Zhineng Qigong enthusiasts to embark on a journey inside with an experienced Zhineng Qigong Master from Beijing. It will be very special to deepen your knowledge, enjoy and practice – all of this in the powerful Qifeld of Table Mountain in the Cape, at a tranquil river retreat in South Africa’s Gauteng region or on safari in Kruger National Park, the heart of Africa’s unspoilt bushveld. Find access to your own inner wisdom and thus a state of well-being – be it on a mental, emotional or physical level – in harmony with beautiful nature, wildlife and yourself.


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About Master Zhen Qingchuan

Master Zhen Qingchuan has been engaged in Zhineng Qigong healing and teaching for over 25 years. He successfully accomplished the rigorous teachers’ program in the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Training & Recovery Center – globally renowned as the first “medicine-less hospital in the world” – under the guidance of Dr Pang Ming. He continued to work closely with Dr Pang Ming for 4 years and has supported the healing of thousands of people – including from mental, chronic and terminal illnesses.

He teaches the principles of Zhineng Qigong healing in his own Zhineng Qigong Center in Beijing, China, as well as in Europe, Australia, South America, USA, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Master Zhen believes in teaching Zhineng Qigong in its pure, original form as taught by Grandmaster Pang Ming. He is a very experienced teacher in passing on the theory and practice of Zhineng Qigong. He is also very passionate about delivering healing sessions for any person in need.

When the mind starts to perceive its own self instead of speculating on the outside world, the world becomes self aware. When the mind withdraws into itself, the subject and object of perspective are unified. Your“T rue S elf” can shine through and you are no longer a slave of character and emotions but their master. - Master Zhen Qingchuan

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  • Nikita

    Our youngest participant was very excited about her first experiences with Zhineng Qigong, which is also called Wisdom Qigong.

  • Hans

    It has become feasible because of your good connections, your commitment and a clear intention. It was a unique experience for me. The program was just perfect. We gained great insights into the cultu...

  • Elaine

    I learned a lot about Qigong practice, principles and the importance of the mind. I also received great help from the teachers with the circulation problems in my legs. Master Jianshe and his team wer...


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