The festive season invites to reflect and take some time out

When approaching the end of the year it’s time to reflect and take some time out. New ideas and goals will develop from within. Many people long to enjoy more time in the “now” – the state of present moment living. But what does this precious present moment actually mean? Wikipedia equates the “power of now” with mindfulness and writes “Mindfulness is a moment of passive presence of the mind in which a person experiences the present state of his immediate environment, body and emotions, without being distracted by thoughts, memories, fantasies or emotions, without thinking about them or judging those perceptions.”

We also discussed this topic at our 5-days holistic health retreat in Northern Germany early November. Around 70 people from all over Germany, Sweden, England, the Netherlands, Switzerland and New Zealand were eager to ​​fully exploit the present moment in the sense of joyful living and being aware with all senses and consciousness and in addition finding new insights about the body’s self-healing powers.

Qigong Master Yuantong Liu from Meishan in China has a clear and simple advise:

To only refer to what the sensory organs perceive is limiting human beings. It is important to consciously use one’s own consciousness in order to realize one’s full potential. The power of the present moment arises from the fact that one’s life force follows the powerful (health) intention that is consciously and intentionally formulated and manifests it in the present moment by appropriate activities. Results become the past, intentions point to the future, and in the present moment one’s life force is experienced as a sequence of actions that express themselves in the energy field.

During the course in Bad Zwischenahn, most participants were able to experience the power of the present moment by focusing their consciousness on their own health intention and by practicing effective methods of activating their self-healing powers. Participants reported: Complaints caused by chemo treatments disappeared. Years of back, neck or shoulder pain vanished. Migraine attacks stopped. The body became more flexible, so that side effects of MS and Parkinson’s diseases could be better tolerated. Mental clarity and inner peace improved.

For your own year-end reflection, we recommend the wisdom of Buddha:

Do not stay in the past, do not dream about the future. Focus on the present moment.

But in addition to what Buddha says, focus your conscious consciousness on your life intentions! In this way, they will be like a lighthouse. Its guiding light helps you to choose your present moment activities according to your life intentions so that they can manifest.




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