A sunshine mind can change the grey matter in your brain!

December 19, 2018
Not only in the gray season is it necessary to maintain a sunshine mind to keep illuminating our own experiences. Scientists have discovered, that our positive mind set has an impact on our gray matter in the brain. Keeping positive can change it to the better!
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Zhineng Qigong Science | Hunyuan Qi Therapy in Germany – a complete success!

October 20, 2018
From November 3 to 7, 2018 you have the opportunity to study and learn from Master Yuantong Liu and his team of international Hunyuan Qi therapists about some simple, yet most effective Zhineng Qigong self-health care management tools to overcome physical symptoms of serious or chronic illness and reestablish physical and mental health, stability as well as emotional balance. Be inspired by the retreat results of 2016 and 2017!
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Build up strength and inner peace by perceiving your own heart

September 26, 2018
Qigong Master Zhen is not only an internationally recognized teacher of the Asian meditative movement art and self-healing methods system, but also an excellent expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Calmly, he explains why a peaceful and relaxed heart has a positive effect on other organs of the body.
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Learning from Zhineng Qigong Master Zhen in Germany in August | September

July 3, 2018
What about mastering the skills of improved self-awareness, regaining and maintaining holistic health, rejuvenating, feeling fit and vibrant and most fun of all: living the life you really love! Sounds like a dream? Well, than you have not met Master Zhen yet...
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The power of Qigong Fasting for health, vitality and mental strength

February 14, 2018
Qigong Fasting is called „Bigu" in China and has a long tradition as an effective health method for promoting well-being and longevity.
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We are traveling to China in 2018!

January 23, 2018
There are two dates this year to choose from: In June, we focus on improving the vision and eyes' functions. In October, we will spend nearly 2 weeks on the tropical island Hainan to enjoy the Qigong practice and the powerful Qi field in the Zhineng Qigong center of Master Jianshe and his team!
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  • Nikita

    Our youngest participant was very excited about her first experiences with Zhineng Qigong, which is also called Wisdom Qigong.

  • Hans

    It has become feasible because of your good connections, your commitment and a clear intention. It was a unique experience for me. The program was just perfect. We gained great insights into the cultu...

  • Elaine

    I learned a lot about Qigong practice, principles and the importance of the mind. I also received great help from the teachers with the circulation problems in my legs. Master Jianshe and his team wer...


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